Leeloo, Diesel, Bullet, Spicy and Isabelle

We are here to help educate others and to find if a Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the right dog for you. Staffords are great dogs but are not for everyone. Please research as much as you can before you acquire one of these awesome dogs. Alos know if you live where there is BSL.

A dog, Stafford or not is not a GIFT. A dog is something you get for you and your family not for some one else.

If you decide that a Stafford is the the right dog for you
and your family please feel free to contact us we often know of 
adult or rescue dogs looking for that FOREVER home.
We have puppies occasionally please contact us from more information.
If we do not have any may be able to help put you
in contact with another reputable breeder. 

Amy O'Brian and Jeff Markey